Digitizing Prices

Embroidery Digitizing

We offer two pricing methods. You may choose between paying as per the stitch count or paying a flat fee based on the design size or placement which is irrespective of stitch count. Remember you can choose only one option at a time and if you want to change then you have to make a price change request by sending an email to us. The billing would be based on the method chosen by you.

Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery Digitizing
We offer Flat Rate Pricing which is as follows:- Prices
Cap, Hat, Left Chest Logos below 5 InchesUS $15.00 (Unlimited Stitches)
Medium Logos Bags, Aprons, Towels etc. Above 5 Inches and below 8 InchesUS $30.00 (Unlimited Stitches)
Jacket Back, Portrait, Landscape logos Above 8 Inches to Any sizeUS $50.00 (Unlimited Stitches)

Vector Conversion

Vector Conversion
Simple Logs US $10.00
Complex Logs US $20.00
Editing Files not made by usDepends on job

Volume Discounts - Please note that we offer a Volume discounts on the order of more than 30 logos per month.

Money Back Guarantee - If you are not happy with any of our order after sending the edit for the same, we would be happy to refund the charged amount.

Turnaround Time for Edits - 12 hrs after you send us an email. Edits are generally at "No Charge" if the design is made by us.

Payments - We accept payment through Paypal & Credit Cards.